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  1. Pipmcrae

    Sate sponsored

    Hi I have a query. If I apply for a 190 visa for south Australia does that mean that only I have to stay in the state or does my family have to be with me. Any advice would be helpful Thanks
  2. Pipmcrae


    Hi thanks for asking. Not sure it was my fifth time so fingers crossed.
  3. Pipmcrae


    Hi has anyone taken the IELTS general test today?
  4. Pipmcrae


    Hi Has anyone had to obtain a AQF level 3 when applying for their visa? If so how did you find the process? I am just starting my application and was just wondering how long the procedure will take. Thanks
  5. Pipmcrae


    Hi I have over 15 years experience in plastering here in England. I understand that it is not the same type of plastering that is done in Australia. Can anyone explain the difference and is it easy to pick up. I am a decorator by trade and this is what I am basing my visa application on. I need to acquire an AQF level 3 to qualify. Has anyone else had to to such a thing? If so how was the process? Any info would be greatly appreciated, many thanks.
  6. Pipmcrae

    Garden maintenance

    Hi I was just wondering if there is a demand for lawn maintenance? If so what is the average cost to have your grass cut. Thanks
  7. Pipmcrae


    Hi is there a certain exam body you have to use for the IELTS? Regards
  8. Pipmcrae

    buying a house

    Hi excuse my ignorance but we are considering in moving to perth in the next three years and I am curious to know how easy is it to get a mortgage and buy a house I will be coming with a good amount for a deposit, $150000 plus. Any advice will be greatly appreciated Regards
  9. Pipmcrae

    nvq qualifications

    Hi my partner has. Level 3 cache is this any different to your NVQ Regards
  10. Pipmcrae

    nvq qualifications

    Hi my partner has. Level 3 cache is this any different to your MAC Regards
  11. Pipmcrae

    demand for trades

    Hi can anyone tell me work work situation is for painters and decorators at the moment. I also plaster but am I understanding that plastering in aus is different than the UK.
  12. Pipmcrae

    May be a silly question

    Just an idea to skip all the agro of skills assessments medicals etc
  13. Pipmcrae

    May be a silly question

    Hi is it possible to buy your way into Australia
  14. Pipmcrae

    aqf3 solid plastering

    Hi,Jimmy I have sent you. Friend request as will be doing same thing next year and would be good to stay in touch to pick your brains if you don't mind . How are you finding the application process Cheers Phil
  15. Pipmcrae

    ready to take the plunge

    Hi thanks for the reply where would I go to obtain medical Regards