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  1. Hi, Can anyone recommend a Perth based accountant who can submit both UK and AUS Tax returns? I want to ensure everything is done correctly for income in both countries and would prefer 1 accountant to do both. (Please NOT GM_TAX. I have had very poor experience with them. PM me if you would like details).
  2. HI, Been frantically cleaning and Jeyes Fluid soaking for 5 days and I am ready to scream! 1. Shoes - we have scrubbed and scrubbed. Some still have gum that we just can't get out. Would this cause an issue? 2. I have given the dyson hand held a thorough cleaning - but it doesn't come apart completely and some areas are hard to get too. Still some hair and fluff that I can't get out. Will this likely cause a problem? Thanks!
  3. harry

    Which Items can I ship / not ship?

    Thanks :-)
  4. Hi We are getting ready for our move next month. I have some items I am not sure if we can take in the shipping container. Any tips? - Bed Linen and pillows. We only use down filled duvets and pillows. Is this allowed? - BBQ. I have a weber charcoal smoker. Is a simple Jays Fluid treatment enough to get it through? - Wooden items - furniture, picture frames. What should I be looking for to know if it is a problem? - Food containers / cooking equipment. Apart from being clean, are there any restrictions? - DIY tools. (sander, drill, saw) Is a simple Jays Fluid treatment enough to get it through?
  5. Hi, Moving to Aus shortly. The exchange rate is rubbish at the moment and we want to hold off moving cash until the rate picks up. Are there any tax or rules I should be aware of if we move a large sum in say 1 or 2 years time?
  6. harry

    Taxes on UK Rental

    I have a partner 100 VISA
  7. harry

    ISA held in UK

    Hi, I have a significant amount of money in investment ISAs (will be my pension). Looking for some clarity on the rules when I move to Aus. 1. I understand I can no longer contribute to the ISAs but, I can keep what I have already invested. 2. Will dividends from the ISAs need to be declared in Aus - will income tax be due on these? 3. If I sell the ISAs, will I need to declare in Aus and pay capital gains tax? Thanks!
  8. harry

    Taxes on UK Rental

    Hi, My family and I are moving to Perth later this year, and I am confused after reading the rules on Taxation! (who isn't) We intend to LET our house in the UK. Will the income tax on the rental be due in the UK or Australia? If tax is paid in UK, would we retain our tax free allowance in the UK? If tax is paid in Australia, would we be able to offset mortgate interest under the Aussie rules (rather than UK rules that are phasing it out) Thanks!!