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    Any update on the new state sponsorship for WA?

    Hi Jase, thanks for the info. As it stands my husbands occupation is on the SS list for a few states...just not Perth. He will be applying under statistician occupation (he's a data scientist/data analyst). We were just hoping for Perth but I very much doubt an occupation similar enough to his will appear on the SS for Perth anyway....still curious to see the updated list though
  2. Lauren4512

    Any update on the new state sponsorship for WA?

    Yes, I keep checking the relevant website but no update! I was just curious. Very much doubt it will have the occupation required anyway so likely we will need to apply for Adelaide/Victoria nomination....provided the required occupation doesn't get removed in the July updates.
  3. Hi, I read a while back that the updated list of occupations would likely be out and in use by the end of May...has anyone had sight of the list, occupations or the WA state sponsorship requirements?
  4. We've just started the process (sitting IELTS, skills assessment etc). My hubby is a Senior Information Analyst (15 years of UK exp) and I currently work in Human Resources (over 10 years UK exp). We have appointed an agent so don't really need advice around the visa process. We see quite a few relevant jobs advertised on Seek etc, does anyone know how to get stats on how many application per role based on specific occupations? We're just wondering how hard it is to crack specific job markets having no AU work experience! We are aiming to have enough money with his to allow us to live comfortably without working for 6months+, will savings for 6 months be enough or is the job market really as tough as we have read about? Realistically the earliest we are likely to make the move is from July 2018 onwards. Any tips or advice for the lead up to this or first arrival (particularly around finding work etc) is appreciated