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    Thanks everyone. I wasn't eligible to apply till September this year so I guess by then there will be more clarity around everything. Thank you you so much for taking the time to answer and help.
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    Hi. I've been here 3.5 years and would love to meet up. I'm new to this site so how do we move to making arrangements?? thanks. Sarah
  3. Looking for guidance on bringing across a UK contribution pension scheme. But have some questions. Quick current status summary. We have been in Australia for 4 years first on a 457 and got granted our PR Sept 2016 (so have missed out on getting our Citizenship in September this year). We are in our mid forties. Assuming we do eventually get Citizenship and can afford to retire here my questions are: Is there tax payable if we bring across our UK pensions and put them into an Australian super fund? Ive seen some information around needing to leave the money in the fund for 5-10 years. Are we therefore best to look to bring it across now? Whats the earliest Australian super funds can be accessed come retirement? Is there limits to time spent abroad if you're drawing from your superfund in Australia. For example when retired up to 6 months is spent travelling a year. Whats the implications if the pension funds are left in the U.K. And then we draw down on them once retirement comes? if anyone has experience of retiring here it would be great to here from you. Many thanks
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    Can you help any advice?

    No tax in Perth payable as far as I know. The UK bought in new Capital Gains tax assessments for sale of houses in U.K. 3 years ago so you would have paid any tax (if applicable) in the UK already. Hope you find a good place at the now affordable prices we are seeing in Perth.
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    Does anyone know if the 4 year wait to get Citizenship from PR has come into immediate effect? We will have had our PR for a year in September and planned to apply then as our son goes to Uni in 2018. Looks like we won't get Citizenship plus we lose the commonwealth assisted place. So double hit hard by the changes. Any advice greatly received.