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  1. Thanks everyone i do understand what you are saying about getting a feel for the area. I am actually from Perth so have a little bit of an idea of where we want to be - largely based on good schools! It's been almost 18 years since I lived here there mind you so things may have changed a bit. I also have my sister and parents on hand to view any properties for me which helps. Do you mind me asking which areas you settled on in the end and why? thanks kelly
  2. Hi We are moving to Perth early December and are looking for a long term (1 year) family rental in either of these suburbs. Must have pool (we have promised the kids!) 4x2 ideally. Please contact me if you know of anything at all. Many thanks
  3. The Moving Partnership

    Hi We are moving to Perth in December and would like our furniture etc to be there when we arrive (or soon after), which means getting it shipped pretty soon. I have been getting quotes from the usual suspects but want to know if anyone has used or heard of The Moving Partnerhip?
  4. Choosing a school & International School of WA

    It very much depends on whether we get a place at All Saints. It's a private school so catchment area isn't an issue. Where we live is very much dependent on which school we go for. If we don't get a place at All Saints then we are thinking of choosing a catchment area of a top state school - but which are the good ones?
  5. I am looking for advice on schools in Perth. We are moving at the end of the year and my son who is 8 will be starting year 4. I have sent an applcation to All Saints school in Bull Creek, which currently doesn't have space but we are hoping a vacancy becomes available. We are wanting a back up in case this doesn't happen and have been looking into the International School of Western Australia in City Beach. Does anyone have any experience / opinions on ISWA? Can you make any recommendations on other good state or private co-Ed primary schools (preferably without a strong religious element)? thanks