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  1. Morning ladies Hope i haven’t missed boat (no pun intended! ). Been in perth for over 7 months now and definitely miss having a circle of friends. I am living in mount lawley and work in Subi. So wish i was at the slide today!! Kirsty McLaughlin (on fb) X
  2. Hello ladies Would love to meet up but i am based in Joondalup. Will be moving to mount lawley on Sunday. I would appreciate being invited to other catch ups. I am kirsty mclaughlin on fb, cocktail glass in hand per chance. Have fun, gutted i will miss another night. Kirsty X
  3. kirsty81

    26 yr old in need of some girly mates!!!

    Hello Victoria I made the big move 2 months ago. Loving it but is with the weather. I too miss girlie catch ups and not having a group of friends. I'm slightly older, 33, still no idea how that happened. If you fancy coffee give me a shout. I am on fb too, Kirsty mclaughlin. Photo is with cocktail in hand! Kirsty
  4. Hello ladies If there is another catch up, I would love to join. I made the big move nearly 2 months and loving it. I have a couple of friends here fron back home but would love to meet some likeminded ladies. I have from Glasgow, so you may need to excuse the accent and just had my 33rd bday in Perth. Hope to hear from you soon Kirsty X
  5. kirsty81


    I have been thinking the same. It has been a quick process for me. Granted visa 23rd Jan and offered temp part time job on 5th Feb. So i had 6 weeks to get organised, fly out 2 weeks tom! I have been a mixture of emotions but when people say your brave, I could never do that , i do question myself and think why is it brave and leads to some self doubt, esp when I am saying goodbyes to friends and family. But better to try and life a live you want rather than always thinking what if!
  6. kirsty81

    buy to let in UK

    I have no idea. It's a professional mortgage and you get permission to let. I don't know if putting the emigrating to Australia has put them off. Who is your mortgage with if you don't mind me asking? Thank you
  7. kirsty81

    buy to let in UK

    Hi folks Have a slight dilemma. Moving in 2 weeks and have mortgage issues!!! I am unable to sell my property and will continue to rent it. However, my mortgage company is not giving me permission to let. Is anyone renting their property out and have a buy to let mortgage? In addition, 1 bank I spoke to say them do not provide a mortgage if I am emigrating. Thanks Kirsty
  8. kirsty81

    What to take?!

    Hello I am moving to Perth in a few weeks (very exciting!!) and we are using a cube by SevenSeas (medium). It is primarily for a couple of bikes, boxes, excess luggage etc. Is there anything anyone would recommend taking? Items which are expensive but cheap in UK? Things that we may miss? Much appreciated Kirsty
  9. Thank you very much everyone and for being so positive. Move will be soon, possibly 7 weeks. So my mind has 101 things going on. My partner and I are meant to be going but he is also using the term 'you' quite alot so I maybe going on my own for the short term. have a great weekend everyone and thanks again! x
  10. I am looking to open a bank account and querying if anyone knows of an account with no monthly fee and will allow you to transfer money to a UK bank account and process UK online transactions. I understand the purpose of Moneycorp and therefore you will have to pay a fee for transferring money. I am keeping my property in UK and want to ensure that I have adequate funds. Many thanks Kirsty
  11. Hello everyone Well I have had a bit of a whirlwind couple of weeks. On the 22nd Jan I was assigned a case officer and on the 23rd received my 189. This week a job I previously applied for asked if I am still interested in a part time job for 3 to 12 months. All systems go. I am over the moon, things are coming together, seems so surreal and I cannot wait to start my life in Perth. However, all anyone is saying is good news for you, that is what you want. Not heard a congratulations. Have a few others been in the same situation and feel no one is supporting you or happy for you? Sorry for such a moan and rant on a Friday people! x
  12. kirsty81

    The First Stages written by an emotional wreck

    Thanks for your positive words Peanuts. I think my parents just put it at the back of their minds and hope i would forget about it. I do feel as though I am disappointing them as the life they have is not what I want. I do worry about them getting older and the idea that saying goodbye to my Gran maybe the last. However, I think they have made the decisions how they lead your life and you have got to follow your dreams! With regards to my partner he is just going around in circles. I think the idea of leaving family is getting to him. On a more positive note, my friend got married in Mission Beach at Great Barrier Reef. I will never forgot it. It was so beautiful and chilled. I have never experienced anything like it in my life, wlaing down a aisle of shells barefoot. Stay strong x
  13. kirsty81

    Seven Seas Cubes

    Hi folks I have contacted Seven seas twice with regards to moving cubes for a quote for a small and medium but to no avail. Has anyone a rough quote? We'll be moving from Glasgow city centre to Perth. Thank you
  14. kirsty81

    The First Stages written by an emotional wreck

    I feel your pain. I have been granted a visa and love Australia, desperate to move! When i've approached the subject with my parents, they ignore it. SO this weekend I have to tell them my visa has been granted and I want to move away asap. In addition, my partner is getting cold feet. But you and your partner know what you want and as its stated so many times you don't know unless you try. Chin up and think of the amazing adventure and life you both have ahead! Good luck. x
  15. kirsty81

    Visa granted & lots of questions

    Thank you everyone for your help. It is amazing! Hope you had a great Australia Day portlaunay, defo selling the lifestyle. Wish my job was as exciting as that! Nikki you haven't long to go, i am thinking about doing it quickly. Maybe April! Unsure if it is too quick to get everything organised but have been investigating my pension, Australian bank accounts, movers etc. Exciting times! I was thinking about a cube too as I have not much stuff and you don't have to worry about weight. Thank you both for info on visa activation. Couldn't agree more Raychel about the Aargh!!!! So exciting but also scary. thank you all!