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  1. I think she said the child was 7 verystormy so they would only be 11 years old. Still a very good point though as they will be settled with friends/clubs etc and will have to up sticks. That said, whilst I'd never move a child during important exams I do in general think if the parents want to move then the children go too and that's how it goes.
  2. There has been some excellent replies to your post. The things I would say about this move is this; moving away from everything you know can be very exciting and/or very daunting and unless you are both up to putting lots of effort in I wouldn't entertain it. From your post it sounds like this what your husband wants and not you, it really has to be a joint adventure. The visa type you have has been touched upon here and you really need to see this as a temporary move. If somehow some magic can be done down the line and you manage to stay then ok but right now you have to see it for what it is. You say you've sold up to start a new life in Oz. You don't have a visa for a new life in Oz, only a temporary stay. On that basis you need to be happy to take yourself, child and dog to the other side of the world and back again over a period of a few years. The cost of this move, including education (not sure if you get Medicare on this visa) is huge. Some people have lots of money and those costs aren't important, I have no idea whether they are to you. Your husband may well have rose tinted glasses on and many do but what stood out to me is it appears it's what he wants but what about what you want? Employment is bad in WA and the reality is he will be off doing his new job and you will be at home alone although hopefully you will get work eventually. It is harder on that visa as many employers want someone who's likely to stay. The final thing I would mention and it's never a nice thing to say but be aware of The Hague convention. I'm sure it would never happen although many have thought that but if you were all out there and you wanted to return to the uk but your husband didn't then your child would be stuck there unless your husband agreed to them returning back to the uk. You would not be allowed to take your child back to the uk without his permission. Horrible to mention but there's people out there that this has happened to and they'd have been grateful for knowledge prior to going I'm sure. I wish you luck in whatever you chose.