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  1. IELTS

    Thanks guys, ive booked in to do the General on the 11th November.
  2. IELTS

    Thanks for the reply. Is it easier to get 8's on the General?
  3. IELTS

    I recently took the academic IELTS test and needed to get 8's in all components to get the 20 points towards the 189 visa. However only needed 7 across the board for ANMAC skills assesment (Im a nurse) My scores were: Reading - 8 Listening - 8 Writing -7 Speaking - 8.5 So I have enough for ANMAC but not the visa, my question is can I just take the General IELTS now to try and get the 8 or do I have to do the academic again. Im assuming the General is a bit easier than the academic version. Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. Just saying Hi

    Thanks for the advice guys, think we will make sure we have the visa before we do anything drastic. Im going to be working in ICU asa Critical Care Nurse, not sure if there are more opportunities with this speciality. My husband is training to teach Art and Design with amain focus on Photography. But to be honest he will work and do anything once we are there.
  5. Just saying Hi

    Hi, Im new here. Just looking for advice and information regarding emigrating to Perth. Im married with 5 children, im just about to finish my Nursing Degree and my Husband is due to start PGCE in September. We are hoping to move over to Perth at the end of next year. Were going out there in Feb to setup bank accounts and looking into schools. Ive been looking into using a migration agent as think it will just make the whole process easier. If you have any reccomendations or advice I will gladly accept.