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  1. Hi guys i an currently in the visa process and all is going well but am concerned with transferring my uk qualifications into the australian version which will allow me to get a job any plumbers or gas fitters that can advise me on the process this would be much appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the speedy reply Yeh it seems the whole world is on an economic downturn at the moment, but the way i see it is if you can make it when its like that life can only get easier . I have been in my trade for 11 years and am very self motivated hard working . I have joined the forum mainly to find reassurance that i can make a living good enough to provide for my wife and kids what ever trade thats in . I have seen numerous posts on here saying how difficult it is to get a plumbers liscence and a job so my quedtion is ...... Is it worth pursuing a plumbing / gas career in oz or can i make more money in a different line of work . If i have to re train anyway whats the quickest route to a good wage ? I know there is no easy path in life and am willing to work as many hours and as hard as it takes to get a good life but would love some guidence off you guys who have already done it or are doing it. Cheers
  3. Whats the point in being on the skills shortage list if we cant work when we get there ?? Is there any labouring jobs in the mean time to gain contacts while you transfer your qualification over ? I am currently going through the visa process and am a installation engineer at british gas is it worth the money and work to come over to ozz then whats your view ?