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  1. Subjects for year 10

  2. Subjects for year 10

    Hello Jen Hope you are doing well. Did you get the personal items and stationery list for your daughter? If then could you pls pass it to or will it be in the school website? Kind regards Nilangi
  3. Hii Can someone pls tell me the procedure of renewal of PR visa 190? First entry validity have done and came back to my country Again planning to go and settle permanently before the 3 months of 5 years of visa finishing date, Thanks
  4. Subjects for year 10

    Thank you so much for your quick reply so your daughter is now in year she learns different electives. you really helped me out Have a nice day.
  5. Subjects for year 10

    Dear Jen Thank you soo much for your valuable information Yes... I am aware that there are eight learning areas in the Western Australian Curriculum. Which is mandated that students from Pre-primary to Year 10 are taught English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Health and Physical Education. Kindly advice me that what are the other 3 subjects for year 10,as students begin to make choices about studies for Years 11 and 12 in year 10. How to select these electives? what are the subjects your daughter has chosen? We are seeking an admission in Rossmoyne SHS and Willetton SHS.I went through both school websites and but I still have some doubts about these electives. Kind Regards Nilangi.
  6. Subjects for year 10

    Dear Jen, Thank you soo much for your quick reply. If you don't mind please tell me, which is your daughters school? how many subjects are in year 10? what are the compulsory subjects? I am looking for my daughter. Thanks once again
  7. Subjects for year 10

    Dear perthpoms, Is any parent here from senior schools in perth? Kindly help me proving these information 1.How many subjects are required for year 10? 2.Are languages (French, German...etc) compularoy for year 10 exam? 3.How many electives can be taken for year 10? Thanks in advance