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    Hi, Thought this would be the base best place to touch base with a few wise heads. My wife and I have been in deep discussions about relocating to Perth with our young family. Currently we live in Scotland. My wife has family out there so settling in shouldn't be to hard if we manage to get out but here is where I could do with some advise please. My wife is a hairdresser with Toni&Guy and has already contacted a salon in Perth who said they would give her a job but unfortunately hair dressing is no longer a needed skill so she can't gain sponsorship. So this leaves me, a qualified Joiner with my own business and 20 years experience but how easy would it be for me to gain sponsorship? How is the work situation in Perth do they need joiners and where would be the best place for me to look for companies that I could contact? Any advise would be much appreciated when you have the time. Thanks