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  1. Claire4

    hay fever tablets

    Have you tried a Hayband? Big craze here atm. I got one for my 8yo daughter and she hasn’t needed a tablet since!
  2. Claire4


    Hi we are moving this summer with 2 kids. I have been in touch with a few schools asking the same questions you are.. they are able to enroll mid term and yes you will get a place if you are in the catchment area.. Best of luck!
  3. Claire4

    Merry Christmas

    We got the best Christmas present on Friday - visas granted! So excited! Lots of planning ahead! Merry Christmas
  4. Claire4

    Case officer appointed

    Sounding good! Our agent says they can still take their time so we'll see how it goes. Just glad to have some movement! Thanks
  5. Claire4

    Anyone in/near Secret Harbour?

    Thanks Kellie.. both look lovely too.. I'll be working in the Mandurah area so might be a bit far to travel though. How long have you been in the area? claire
  6. Claire4

    Case officer appointed

    Hi.. I got the call yesterday to say we now have a CO and they're requesting medicals and police checks. Quicker than I was expecting! How long did it take you guys to receive visa grant after this info was submitted? thanks, Claire
  7. Claire4

    Anyone in/near Secret Harbour?

    Hi! Thanks for getting in touch.. how are you finding it all? I was recommended secret harbour by someone I'll be working with. Are you in a rental or holiday let/ air bnb? Did you have a look at both primary schools? Our girls are 6 and 7yo. Where have you moved from? Claire
  8. Claire4

    2016 Tiguan- ship it or not?

    Thanks very much.. good to have inside info from someone working in a garage!
  9. Claire4

    2016 Tiguan- ship it or not?

    That's for those prices.. crazy! appreciate your help!
  10. Claire4

    2016 Tiguan- ship it or not?

    Thanks for the help.. I'm seriously reconsidering now..
  11. Claire4

    2016 Tiguan- ship it or not?

    Hi all.. trying to work out if it's a good idea to take our car with us.. it's a 2016 vw Tiguan, 14000 miles. The import process seems quite complex and costly but we would probably lose a fair amount on it if we sell it here. Any advice will be much appreciated Thanks
  12. Hi.. we are based in Northern Ireland.. does anyone know if we can use the panel physicians in South of Ireland for medicals or will we have to travel over to Scotland or England? Thanks
  13. Claire4

    Any Veterinarians in the process or been through it?

    Hi.. I'm going to Greenfields clinic, Mandurah..
  14. Hi.. wondering if any of you are Vets that have experience of the skilled visa process or going through it too? Thanks
  15. Claire4

    Anyone in/near Secret Harbour?

    Ah ok thanks for that.. I'll not be expecting it too soon then!