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    Fire industry

    Thanks both. We lived in oz for just over 3yrs . Middle son didn't settle very well other two loved it. We made a few mistakes tried to run b4 we could walk etc so ended up using saving up. Hubby became ill so had to give up a really well paid job. When he did return to work was a much lower salary so ended up struggling. Family in uk kept telling us to just come home so in the end decided to. Day b4 we left middle son told me loved oz and didn't want to leave I could of killed him lol anyway back in uk and cant really settle hubby works more hrs than ever. I work full time aswell so just don't get family time and feel things in uk have got worse, miss oz lots but worry as wont have much savings now like did when first lived there. I suppose first need to see if will extend visa as want eldest son to complete his school years now he's going into last year September. Thanks for your info will have to think hard I suppose.
  2. Lesleybruck

    Fire industry

    Hi all new on here. Hubby myself 3 kids looking at moving next yr if poss. Have visa already lived previously in qld but moved back to uk due to family reasons last yr. want to return to oz but feel perth maybe better option as got family there. Hubby is electrician did all exams in qld but failed final one examiner said very common as was to do with electrics from meter to mains (from what I remember) anyway his main industry is fire alarms a few questions on this, is there any fire alarm work over there? Are there any courses he could do in uk to get better chance of a job when get there, he wants to resit electrical exam but not sure if will hve to start process all over again or beable to just do the test again. He passed all parts just one section. Main question thou fire alarm industry is there certain qualifications he needs. Worked when in oz for sales in fire alarm company but was micromanaged and drove him crazy so moved to work for a white goods company but really passion is fire industry. Thanks for any advice.