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  1. Hi Sue - if you’re feeling that low it is probably the best time to catch up. Are you available in the day, or do you work? I work in Joondalup, so if you were around we could meet in the Joondalup Dome maybe for a coffee? Up to you entirely. Let me know what you think. Gwen
  2. AusBos

    Meet new friends

    Hello - I've been here since 1992 so raised my children here. 'Remember well the first few strange months and the feeling of isolation ... It was tough but temporary and I feel so happy and privileged to live here now though at the same time still love so much about the UK. I'm on leave at the moment so am available for a chat/sounding board for those that are struggling a bit.
  3. Hello That's no good, hey, Friends are huge when you're a migrant to help with the settled in feeling. Are you in the northern suburbs? PM me if you fancy catching up.
  4. Hi there, I am originally from the UK and arrived in 1992 with a four and nine year old so am now well established! I used to go on "Poms in Perth" many years ago to try and help new migrants out with their queries. My husband is away on the next couple of weekends and it got me thinking that this was an opportunity to increase my friends' base. This due to most of my mates having had the nerve to be on fabulous holidays at the moment, leaving me stranded! So, I'm older, enjoy keeping fit, very positive, love the movies and would love to find someone who liked watching foreign movies. I enjoy socialising and going out to dinner and rabbiting away to try and save the world. I like a drink but am definitely not a PH. ? I meditate, do Pilates and work full time. I'm always busy - but that's ok. I'd rate myself as being good fun. I don't have a great deal of time but would love to catch up with some "new blood"(!) and if you're new to Perth, I'd be more than happy to be try and help out with any migration queries. So maybe we can meet for a walk and coffee or something? I'm in Ocean Reef. Cheers AusBos