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  1. kelfus

    Anyone in/near Secret Harbour?

    I just noticed you are tonight Greenfirlds Vet. My pharmacy regularly prepares compounded veterinary medicines to Greenfields ? so we will probably talk in the future lol
  2. kelfus

    Anyone in/near Secret Harbour?

    Hi Claire I grew up in Rockingham and attended local schools. I moved to Safety Bay and bought my first home after graduating from university. I now live in Shoalwater which I love. Safety Bay and Shoalwater are where I will stay .... I adore the beach side living...I walk the dogs along the most beautiful beaches in the state every day ?. I own a pharmacy in St Clair which is between Shoalwater and Secret Harbour . Takes me ten minutes to drive there. I have lots of friends and colleagues from the UK who love the area. My inlaws are actually from London and now live in Safety Bay too Kellie
  3. kelfus

    Anyone in/near Secret Harbour?

    Hi Claire Secret Harbour is nice. Also consider Safety Bay and Shoalwater. Both beautiful beachside locations very lovely for families. I can recommend South Coast Baptist College (kindergarten to year 12) located in Waikiki....lovely school with good community feel and a football (soccer) and gymnastics programme. Kellie