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  1. TobiasF415

    457 Visa Approved!

    Yes. My job has everything such as an apartment and bank account sorted.
  2. TobiasF415

    457 Visa Approved!

    My application was submitted on Oct 4th, 2017 and was approved on Nov 11th. I'll arrive in Perth on Nov 30th.
  3. TobiasF415

    Saying hello from California

    I'm waiting on one more police certificate and my 457 visa application 457 will finally be submitted. I had to obtain four police certs. They include ones from the FBI, California Department of Justice, The Swedish Police Authority, and the German Bundesamt Fur Justiz. Then I needed reference letters from many of my former employers along with a copy of my university diploma and my course description. The foreign police certs were required since I have lived and worked in those countries. Hopefully, the process will go fast and I can board my flight to Perth.
  4. TobiasF415

    Case officer appointed

    What passport do you hold? I'm an American and waiting on one more police certificate to come back. Then my application will be submitted.