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  1. ?? ? Would you like to work as a casual chef for our award winning, friendly restaurant? Do you have experience, enthusiasm and are competent and versatile in the kitchen? The restaurant is in North Beach. We're after someone for a fortnight from October the 28th. We're open Tues thru' Saturday. Shift starts lunchtime on-wards. This two week period would be full-time casual, with the prospect of extra work afterwards. We were recently rated a 'must-visit' in a Sunday Times review. Even though we say it ourselves, we're a great team, so come and be part of it! You would probably need your own transport, as public transport isn't that reliable. Please text Sally with your phone number on 0401 566710 with brief details of past work We look forward to hearing from you ?
  2. ScribblingSally

    Living in Mount Lawley?

    Okay folks I have been tasked with writing some comprehensive guides to specific areas in Perth and being a fairly new migrant to the city myself thought I would get some advice from you lot. If anyone is living in Mount Lawley in Perth can they give me any answers to the below? Any thing however little or small snippets of info would be appreciated. What's the demographic and vibe like (ie young person, up and coming etc) how best to describe it? Any good /notable/history and how has that changed over the years? Where is it close too - what are the transport links like? What are the key features? Natural, cultural, food, drink, cheap eats or markets? What are the three things on the to do list if you go there? What are the benefits of living here and potentially being a student in the area?