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  1. Deborah

    Parent visa 143

    Looking at the recent changes and comments from Peter Dutton it appears parents are not really wanted. things will become more difficult and more expensive if he gets his way.
  2. Deborah

    Parent visa 143

    Yes , seems pretty straight forward tbh, although waiting list is over 3years now AOS costs have just risen and the sponsors salary is rumoured to be taken into account now which appears at a very high figure.
  3. Deborah

    Parent visa 143

    Hi , done ours without an agent and it isn’t that difficult really .
  4. Deborah

    143 parent visa

    Currently looking around 3 years to process ...
  5. Deborah

    Contributory parent visa 173

    They are currently stating 36/ 37 months
  6. Deborah

    Paying for Visas

    Hi , that’s great thank you
  7. Deborah

    Paying for Visas

    Hi is it possible to pay the final visa costs through a bank transfer from Moneycorp ? would it also be possible to pay through an Aussie bank account ? Any thanks for any help Deb
  8. Deborah

    Parent visa timescale

    Still waiting for confirmation but already looking forward to our life Down under. a few afternoons in the Kite in secret harbour and many hours on the beach with our grandson ..,
  9. Deborah

    Parent visa timescale

    Visa 173 thanks
  10. Deborah

    Parent visa timescale

    Hi all, just sent in our parent visa details. anybody any idea how long confirmation usually is that they have received it ? also does anybody have any idea how long the current visa waiting time is ? many thanks Deb