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    Quinns Baptist College

    Does anybody know why the vet subjects are limited for Quinns baptist?
  2. I am having a real dilemma as to what to do with my daughter for high school. All I know is I need my daughter to be around good kids (don't we all) and a good range of ATAR / VET Subjects. Private Schools, I am assuming are much more disciplined and more heavy workload, are they usually for the more academic kids? Looking at Irene McCormack, Quinns Baptist, Peter Moyes, Lake Joondalup, Prendeville - thoughts? Do kids settle from public to private in year 7
  3. Alex

    Carine Senior High

    Considering Carine for Primary and High school, does anybody have any experience the school? Your advice would be greatly appreciated. My daughter is middle academically, loves science, very bright, loves sport.