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  1. Leannem1992

    Police Check from Cyprus!?

    Hi guys, I am applying for a De Facto visa and have to get a police check from Cyprus as I lived there 3 out of the ten years required. I went to school there but my mum threw away our residency slips and the old passport I had when I lived there! I am super worried because I called up and they said that to obtain the police check I need to have the 'pink slips' from my time there, which I have no way of obtaining living in Australia now.. I have a letter from my school to say that I lived there, and I am British so presumably was living there under the EU regulations. Can anyone help?! Do you have any experience in the case officers wavering police checks if they can't be obtained? I lived there until age 18 and I'm now 25. Thank you so much in advance for any advice, Leanne
  2. Leannem1992

    Help!!! How to get a police check from Cyprus?

    Hi Mike, Did you resolve this issue? I am having the same issue, I lived in Cyprus as a child but I don't have any of the slips or ARC numbers to obtain a police check! I called them up and they just said it wouldn't be possible without it. I have a letter from my school stating that I attended so not sure what else I can do! Thanks, Leanne