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  1. Wishaw2Perth

    State Sponsorship

    Thanks very much for the info. We will perhaps need to review our plans.
  2. Wishaw2Perth

    State Sponsorship

    That would be a worry as we plan to move permanently. Our emigration agent has not mentioned that to us. I would hate to be fully integrated into a new life and be denied citizenship at the end of our PR.
  3. Wishaw2Perth

    State Sponsorship

    Thanks for the replies. I am aware we may be given a 489 visa and we are happy to live regional but as mentioned in some other threads living there is fine but getting jobs within the regional areas seems to be difficult. We expect to find out the result of our EOI by December so we'll be keeping our fingers and toes crossed for a 190!
  4. Wishaw2Perth

    State Sponsorship

    Hello everyone, My family and I are hoping to emigrate to Perth next year. However my occupation was on the skills list for NT and not WA (even though there are lots of employment opportunities on Seek.com available in Perth and hardly any in Darwin) so my visa agent advised me to apply for a 190 visa for NT but that would still allow me to live and work in Perth. I was just wondering if anyone on here has done anything similar and did they encounter any problems in doing so? My skills have been passed by the TRA so we are just waiting on the results of our Expression of Interest. The reason we want to move to Perth instead of NT is because we already have friends and family in Perth and since we are bringing two young children we felt this would help us as we settle in. Thanks in advance