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    British Passport for our baby born in Oz

    Thankyou Rossmoyne. We thought as much to be honest but thought we may as well apply for all and see which arrives earliest. We had already applied for her citizenship certificate but it has been 2 weeks today since they received it so we were worrying...HOWEVER, they have taken the fee out of our bank account today so it seems we will have it soon and we will then do a fast-track Australian passport. Thank you for your response.
  2. Myself and the hubby are British citizens and currently hold PR here in Oz. (Both born and bred in England, living in Oz since 2013). We had our first-born in June here in Perth and have booked flights to the UK for Christmas. We went to apply for her Australian passport but have had to apply for an 'evidence of citizenship certificate' for her as we are only PR's rather than citizens ourselves....... While time is ticking on we're wondering if it would be quicker to apply for a British passport for her but we're not sure of the process (all the websites seem very confusing). Has anyone done this for their bub??