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  1. Emigrating next year with 15 yr old

    We have family in Joondalup so we would head there initially but as for something more permanent we are flexible. Plan is to rent first and get a feel for different suburbs. Where abouts are you? It is very stressful with the house. We've just had an offer but they've not sold their house!! We may end up like yourselves - that was very tight!!! Emma
  2. Emigrating next year with 15 yr old

    Hi Jen Thanks for your help. This has reassured me. Just need to get the house sold now!! Emma
  3. Emigrating next year with 15 yr old

    Hi Ali and thank you for your reply. My daughter is 15 in April and would be starting yr 11 in September 2018 so would she start yr 11 in Australia in January 2018?
  4. Emigrating next year with 15 yr old

    Hi Myself, husband and two daughters are hoping to move to Perth late next year on 189 visa. By then our eldest will be 15. She is currently in year 10 here, just started GCSE course with her chosen options. How does it work in Australia in relation to GCSE equivalent and what year would she go into? Would it be possible to go back a year if necessary? Thanks