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  1. Dean n Liz

    New to WA

    Thank you
  2. Dean n Liz

    New to WA

    Hi no we didn't. Might sound wreck less. We did lots of research and decided to just treat it as an adventure. Good luck with your move.
  3. Dean n Liz

    4 months in, our story so far...

    Thank you for the post. We arrived from the UK 13 days ago and have had some homesick days. Reading your post has helped immensely x
  4. Dean n Liz

    New to WA

    Hi everyone we moved here 13 days ago from the UK. It's been a rollercoaster. Holiday let in Quinns Rocks til end of November and just applied for a rental in Clarkson. People have been really friendly and helpful. We have two children aged 11 and 9. Just sorting schools. Looking for a decent used car if anyone is selling one. would like to meet anyone who's made the move and make some new friends. Liz