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  1. Kieran White

    Recommendations - UK pension

    Hi Andrew, Sorry I have been off in the UK for Xmas. I see, so in essence the possibility of 300k and then 100k per annum after year 2? Yes I am based in Mandurah WA. I have been exploring the options of moving things into a UK SIPP as well having spoken to an advisor as this would help me retain currency and shield my assets from UK inheritance tax to a certain point (I believe the chap said 75 years old).
  2. Kieran White

    Purchase of House

    Thanks both for the replies, helpful info re: the documentation. Thank you re: the mortage broker, we are actually already working with one now but thank you for the recommendation.
  3. Kieran White


    I normally go to the nearest market because its cheap and fresher than the ones from the big stores.
  4. Kieran White

    Recommendations - UK pension

    Hi Andrew, Thanks for your input, my retirement is looming in the next few years so it is not far off. My understanding is one of the options is a UK SIPP. As,correct me if I'm wrong, but there can only be a certain amount brought into Australia on an annual basis? My pension is a final salary therefore it would need to be in some sort of a more flexible setup to bring it in part by part (Or so I'm told).
  5. Kieran White

    Opening an account

    If I recall correctly, we just needed passport and a bill for NAB.
  6. Kieran White

    Car Insurance

    As we bank with NAB, my wife and I elected to use them for our car insurance too. We found them super-efficient and cheap, fully comp on both cars was reasonable (which is helpful with no driving history in Aus!)
  7. Kieran White

    Purchase of House

    Hi All, My wife and I have not long moved to WA (around 7 months ago), We have began the process of shopping for a house. We are both UK nationals with history investment properties in the UK, does anyone know what financial record we will have to show for a mortgage (e.g. in the UK it's three years of accounts or payslips)? Any recommendations of banks would be welcome too. Thanks. Kieran