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  1. Hello All I am interested in migrating to the Perth area and have both family (Aunt/Cousins) and friends firmly established in the area. However my occupation isn't listed on the skills lists and to be honest is not something that I have a desire to carry on with in Australia. I am therefore after details if at all possible of agencies / companies I could contact in order to match my educational / employments skills / experience to see what roles I might be suitable for in Australia. Is anyone able to point me in the right direction please? In short I am 40. Divorced but now single. No kids. Solvent with funds to move / set up in Australia. I have both Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Law. I have worked in the Police for 20 years and have performed various Management / Intelligence roles on the Counter Terrorism Command and Special Branch at Scotland Yard for the past 12 years. I have Top Secret Security Clearance in the UK. I have had to assess, manage and mitigate risk to people and property for most of my service and have managed teams of Intelligence Officers / Detectives in fast paced enquiries, operations and in the response to critical incidents. It's obviously a given that I am fully conversant in law, people management, HR and Health and Safety. This is obviously not a CV but I don't really know where to start and would appreciate a pointer or two. Many thanks in anticipation.