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    Just a quick hello....

    Hi I'm new to the forum, so thought i'd quickly introduce myself. I've just been offered a job which is due to start around August this year. One of the conditions of the visa (187) is that we (family of 4) move to the Peel Region etc. We've been doing a fair bit of research but nothing beats getting advice from people that are actually over there. Kids are high school age, so any advice on schools would be great. We have been looking at Silver Sands, San Remo, Madora Bay & Lakelands as these were close(ish) to the coast and within the Mandurah High School etc. Anyway, thanks in advance. G
  2. BigG73

    Just a quick hello....

    Thanks FOL
  3. BigG73

    Just a quick hello....

    Hi We were initially looking at the state school, so i better look into this further. Thanks for the heads up! G
  4. BigG73

    Just a quick hello....

    Hi Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. I'll certainly get in touch if i have any further questions. Cheers