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  1. Pipe Welder Opportunities

    they do seem to be mentioned a lot! When we were there we stayed in Clarkson which was lovely but too far away, and South Perth on the main road! Hoping yo spent a good couple weeks exploring before settling into a job, but i know I'm a worrier and will probably take the first job I'm offered just so we have money coming in! X
  2. Pipe Welder Opportunities

    i haven't heard of leeming I'll have to keep that in mind thanks Ali, its handy hearing about different areas yeah I'm the main applicant, i usually sort everything out so i think ill struggle leaving it to my husband! I think he's classed as a metal fabricator, he's going to speak to the college when we arrive and see what course is best for him good luck for both! I did the PTE as work on computers i thought it would be easier. revising the marking structure helped loads! sounds like you live a hectic life in Scotland! Hopefully it'll be a better work/life balance for you in Oz. we're applying for 189 as i can only get 190 in NSW and we've set out hearts on Perth, not sure if that's wise as heard it's quite quiet at the moment.. EOI should be submitted by end of the week, just waiting for a couple documents from work.. yeah we used an agent, we're trying for baby no2 as no1 took longer than planned, so wanted advice etc if it does happen.. are you applying for both? I think the 190 is a shorter wait to be invited x
  3. Pipe Welder Opportunities

    thanks Ali, i thought they had Jan off just wasn't sure.. my little girl is only 1 so don't need to worry just yet, but my husband is thinking of going to college as he found his trade isn't recognised when we were there a few years ago, so also aiming to get there for the new school year. I think it will be next year unfortunately, i hoped this year but we're only just putting our EOI in! It takes such a long time getting everything together!! i also hoped we would be north of the river too but think it could be south. We'll have to do some exploring when we first get there to get an idea of where we like. I'm a quantity surveyor, we're hoping I'll be able to secure a good job to keep us going for the first year. I've told my husband if it doesn't work in Perth we're going somewhere else in Oz but I'm not coming home lol how do your children feel about making the move? Will you be trying to get everything sorted while your husband works? I'm not sure who has the easier job!! X
  4. Pipe Welder Opportunities

    Hi Emma my husbands a pipe fitter and we're wondering where we will end up too. i know there's a shipping place in kwinana they may hire welders? There's some fly in fly out work but guessing that might not be the best idea with children! seek is a good place to keep looking, most jobs seem to be advertised on there.. we're planning on staying fairly central initially as i think my job will be in the city.. maybe aim to go as soon as the schools break up so you have 6 weeks (i think) to get an idea before the new term? if you go south of Perth I've heard secret harbour (i think that's the name!) is meant to be nice x
  5. Construction industry

    those hours are much better and that's good to know at least one of us should be ok.. He can get everything else organised while i earn the money!!
  6. Construction industry

    Just wondering, I've started looking on - are most Perth jobs 40 hours+ a week?! When I worked briefly I was doing office work 8-5, and a lot of trades jobs seem to work 10 hours Mon-Fri and some say you also have to work 6 hours on a Sat? Is this what we can expect?
  7. Construction industry

    Ok thanks all, it is concerning me slightly that we may struggle in Perth.. My job is on the skills shortage list, his technically is as well however we know it's not that simple and that his qualifications aren't actually recognised.. they seem to assume two trades are one as well!! He's willing to go back to college, is there anything they are short of at the moment in Perth that he can study towards when he arrives? Or would we be better off looking elsewhere? We are also considering Melbourne but the weather just doesn't seem as attractive!
  8. Hi All, My husband and I are thinking of submitting our EOI shortly to start the ball rolling on getting a visa.. I understand the state sponsored visas may get processed quicker as you have more points (is this correct (?) Anyway, I am a quantity surveyor with construction and rail experience. I've been lead to believe infrastructure is still booming in Perth and I should be ok for work ? My husband however is a pipefitter, he struggled to find work when we came out on working holiday visas a few years back. We know now his job title would be Metal Fabricator, and we're wondering whether there would be any work for him? Last thing I want to do is push for state sponsorship so we can go sooner, and find he can't get a job in that state! Our other preferred location is Melbourne, but I know he loved Perth! Thanks Vicky