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  1. We've just been introduced to this forum by friends and family and have spent a great deal of time browsing and taking in so much useful information. Fantastic site. My wife and I are considering moving to WA. Our 3 kids have flown the nest (although the youngest is keen to join us) and we are in a fortunate position to be self-sufficient, mortgage free with a small portfolio of investments that provides an income that we can happily live off. We've not arrived at this position without years of hard work, hard knocks, injury and stress but it was worth it in the end! A more sedentary life is what we're after in a completely different climate and country. We have friends and relatives in Perth and Adelaide who are all very much in favour of getting us out to Oz. I am a qualified and experienced carpenter/joiner and have a Masters Degree in Building Conservation. I appreciate that there is probably less demand in Australia for my services in conservation than in the UK but I would very much like to continue in this practice. My wife is a qualified speech and language therapist and fluent in Spanish. She is currently practicing as a therapist as well as giving private Spanish lessons. The question is: Are we too old to apply for a visa? I am 50 and my wife is 50 this year. Whereas we can support ourselves financially and can obviously provide proof of the same, we would like to continue practicing in our career fields given that we both feel we have something to offer, as well as enjoying our work. We do, of course, understand and appreciate that we would not be given priority over younger, local residents who are qualified and experienced in the same fields. Our initial plans would be to set ourselves up in private practice. We decided that 2018 would be the year that we investigate the possibilities of emigrating - so here we are. Any comments are gratefully received and we hope to be able to fulfill our hopes and dreams over the course of the coming months.