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  1. Jocky82

    Plumber required

    Hi I came across your post and wondered if you managed to find anyone? I’m a uk gas engineer thinking of making the move over to Perth. How is the industry over there? Plenty of work etc
  2. Jocky82

    Train Driver/ Gas Fitter

    Thanks for the advice, I do still keep my hand in gas work etc, but maybe not to the extent that they would require, so thats defo somthing to think about! Appreciate the feedback
  3. Jocky82

    Train Driver/ Gas Fitter

    Thanks Jen glad your move is going well! both our jobs are on the skills list, and I have around 15 years gas and plumbing experience and 4 years as a train driver I have done an initial visa check and it came back very positive, so the chances are good I believe. thanks for your encouraging words, and I hope you continue to enjoy your new life in Perth
  4. Jocky82

    Train Driver/ Gas Fitter

    Yea I think your right there, some expert advice is defo on the agenda, although I have 15 years Plumbing and Gas experience and 4 years as a Train Driver, and my partner is a highly qualified hair stylist, being in our early 30’s and having several members of family with permanent visa’s I think our chances are fairly good. having said that, from what I have been researching over the last month, Perth certainly doesn’t seem the dream move like everyone seems to think, it may be put in on the back burner for the meantime Thanks for your info
  5. Jocky82

    Train Driver/ Gas Fitter

    Thanks No, in the very early stages of research at the minute, seem to have a few options I believe, via the skills shortage (gas fitter) and the other option is I have a daughter who lives in Perth, aged 11, she migrated with her Mum and stepdad 3 years ago, I believe I can apply via a parent visa, I’ve checked the eligibility criteria and it seems I pass that, but it comes at a cost!
  6. Hi Im a UK passenger train driver, and looking for advice from any drivers based in Perth? I am also a qualified gas fitter (changed career 4 years ago), but having read recent posts about plumbers, seems a tough route to go down! I guess I’m after some advice regarding both careers really! Thanks