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  1. David Kemp

    Construction industry

    oh bless you? Who's had their feathers ruffled???????
  2. David Kemp

    Construction industry

    This is the standard forum administrator/forum age old member's response to anyone who dares challenge them. You need to take five minutes and re-read them whole thread again with an open mind (if possible). Read what i've actually said, and not what you think i may have said based on your preconceived ideas of anyone who dares challenge one of your old buddies. For the record i have many close friends that actually work within the construction industry in Perth. And just as a reminder, the thread is about the construction industry, and not unemployment in general. So my point about Verystormy is STILL valid. Despite yours and his attempts to silence me.
  3. David Kemp

    Construction industry

    Please tell me you see the irony in this statement??
  4. David Kemp

    Construction industry

    I certainly did not state this, nor did i even suggest such a thing?
  5. David Kemp

    Construction industry

    Apologies. I'm not normally so abrupt. However, my point is no less valid. Some folk on this forum could do with a little putting in line. I fully understand the practicality of giving people good honest advice, however negative that may be. After all, people like myself are planning to uproot our families and relocate the to other side of the world, so we definitely need to know the hard truth beforehand. Now that said, it is also equally unhelpful if folk chime in on threads with single sentence negativity that is often not relevant to the thread.
  6. David Kemp

    Construction industry

    The subject is the construction industry, not unemployment in general. If you are not in the construction industry, you should keep quiet.
  7. David Kemp

    Construction industry

    Don't let verystormy hear you being so positive
  8. David Kemp

    Moving Tapping

    Rob, Did you make the move to Perth? If so have you found work? Are you a trained assistant or do you have your grade A licence yet? I'm considering the move albeit via a NSW 190 visa. I'd be very interested to know how you're getting on. Regards, David.