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  1. HI all, Im looking into the contributory parent visa (temp subclass 173), and after some experiences and advice! So far my understanding is you pay the first instalment on application or $2540, then can take around 2 years to process which they will ask for the second instalment of $29130? You then can stay in the country for 2 years ( allowing you to try to recover from that huge amount and save), in which you apply for the permanent contributory parent visa subclass 143. (again from what I'm understanding ?) For the 143, apply for the 1st instalment, $330, then wait for them to ask for the second instalment of $19420? (Time frame unknown?) If anyone can clarify this and let me know from experience, would really appreciate it! thank you!
  2. clari

    HELP! Parent visa advice needed

    Hi Alan, just seen your post and am currently applying for the 173, just wondering how you got on and if your had to pay the 19k onto of the 24k you already paid? thanks
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    Hi bev, just seen your post and thought would see if can gain some insight from your experience... i am looking at the contributory parent visas (subclass 173) for my parents, but prices seem so crazy! If you don't mind, would you tell me more info about your visa process... i.e, process times, which visas and the costs ? its all confusing! thanks in advance! clarity