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  1. Tab

    Two months in... Nearly!

    Lovely to read your post I've sent you a pm. Hopefully we'll meet up this wee6. We've been her 3 weeks now and although I've lived in W.A before for 11 years had forgot how sleepy it can be. My kids are having a bit of a culture shock. Hope it all goes smoothly see you soon Tab
  2. We arrive 3rd January with 3 children girls 14 and 15 and boy 8. I know yanchep as used to have a house in two rocks years ago. Well be renting in Hillary's just secured a lease today so happy to meet in January. Good luck xx
  3. Tab

    Arrived from UK last week

    Yes padbury is where we are hoping to be able to rent u have two teenage girls who I want to get into duncraig high school a good friend teaches there. The most affordable of the catchment suburbs. As a single parent of 3 money will be a bit thin .
  4. Tab

    what to do ?

    Sending good wishes to all your family sad to hear about father in law. Think you need to deal with the family situation before you make any decisions re returning to Australia. Do hope you can all get back we're off on the 2nd January and very excited. Keep us posted T
  5. Tab

    Looking for School Recommendations

    we are moving out on the 3rd January planning to rent on padbury so would love any information on padbury schools. Good luck xx
  6. Tab

    18 months in and things going well

    wonderful to read your post I am hoping to be back in w.a in January am an Aussie citizen but been back in the UK for 18 years. Just waiting for kids residency had to sponsor them as they are adopted . For me having made regular trips and having lots of very good friends in perth it can still offer a fabulous life and am so pleased you've found your dream xx
  7. Tab


    Have been scouring all these expat websites for people who have had to get visas for adopted children. I've pretty much completed mine but before I post it have a query. I noticed the person mentioned had an adopted daughter but hasn't posted since 2014. Am wondering if she is around or anyone knows her. Thanks again T
  8. Tab

    padbury primary

    Hi all being well I am hoping to rent in the catchment area for duncraig high school. we know someone who teaches there. My youngest will be 8 and looking at the school I like the sound of padbury primary . There are only 106 children enrolled there spoke to school receptionist who was lovely and helpful. Anybody know much about this school. I also have two teenage girls who I hope will get into duncraig. Am not immensely worried about academic success in a school but want a caring nurturing environment for my son who is quite an anxious child Thanks
  9. Thanks for the replies. I am passionate about Australia and feel my soul belongs there bit hippyish but that's how I feel. I agree very much about the boom and bust scenario. For me work ing on health these things have minimal impact apart from the fact things are cheaper now than during the book time. I've always grafted bloody hard and as a single parent am not one someone who expect everything handed to them. I have an amazing life in the UK however my children find the worry of terrorism the constant rush rush of life here and the almost Victorian levels of authoritarianism in school difficult to handle. A quiet outdoors life suits is all we live very cheaply . Can't wait to get back
  10. I enjoy reading the posts on here immensely but I can't help but feel there is a real sense of negativity and doom and gloom particularly towards newbies who are excited to try for a new life. My background is I have been coming back and forth to Australia since 1986. I spent over 10 years working I the Kimberley and pilbara as a nurse and midwife . I am a dual citizen. i was recently back in Oz for 3 weeks at Easter. What surprised me the most is how reasonably prìced most things were and how clean and even though there is a downturn in the economy most of my friends still live lifestyles we only dream of I'm the UK I do womder how many of those doom and gloomers realise how much poverty and deprivation there now is in parts of the uk. It is noticeable on every high street corner. What I hardly saw while on Perth was the sheer numbers of down and out people we are seeing here Our employment might be at a high level but a lot of these people are on subsistence wages my friend teenage children all had part time jobs some of them earning as much as I do as a midwife per hour. Public transport was a third of the price days out we're much more affordable a trip to perth zoo was less than half we would pay at our local zoo .Food prices were comparable and overall I found eating out cheaper House prices are still over inflated in perth for me còmimg from the north west of England selling two houses I can still not afford to buy over there. However regardless of house prices I still feel West Australia offers me and my children a better standard of living. less fear of terrorism and violence and a lifestyle that is very difficult in the UK without being incredibly rich I truly believe for people with grit determi.atiom and a strong work ethic Perth still has lots to offer. Please be gentle on the newbies . Foo
  11. Tab

    rights to education

    Thanks Ali that's not the route you have to take it's called an ex pat adoption visa which is over 2000 dollars per child. Realise its just a forum just going over a million options in my mind. Thanks so much for help.
  12. Tab

    rights to education

    Thanks for the reply I will try camilla as no one over here seems to be able to give me an answer. The tourist visa does allow study for 3 months and if children of citizens are entitled to free education as stated on education dept w.a site then that might be a possibility while applying on shore. Just very cross really I don't think of my children as any different from birth children and for them to be treated differently when the law of Australia gives adopted children same legal rights as biological children is frankly discriminatory.
  13. I am still trying to work out how best to get my 3 British adopted children to Australia. I am a citizen if I brought them out on a years tourist visa and immediately applied for them to stay would that entitle them to education. On the dept of education website it states that children of Australian citizens have a right to free education. However my children wouldn't have residency initially and school websites appear to ask got proof of children's residency. Thanks
  14. Tab

    adopted children

    Thanks for replying it's a minefield am really cross in some ways that as the legal parent I don't have the same rights as biological parents. Adoption in the UK isn't some shady process but gives equal legal rights to both children and parents as biological children. I am planning to post on poms in oz and have sought advice from loads of migration agents 4 so far and no one seems to know. I know it will be worth it we've just returned from oz and missing it terribly.
  15. Tab

    adopted children

    Hoping someone might be able to help I am a dual national with British and Australian citizenship. I lived in Australia for 12 years but returnedback to the UK 18 years ago. while being back in the UK I have adopted 3 children all British. The kids and I adore Perth and are desperate to move. I have loads of friends and support and already have employment possibilities I am a nurse and midwife. The difficulty is although by law adopted children have exactly the same legal rights as birth children and I am there only legal parent this applies to oz as well for the purpose of immigration they are treated very differently. if my children were biologically mine they would be entitled to citizenship however I have to jump through hoops to sponsor them at a cost of over 4000 aud. Am wondering if I brought them on a years tourist visa would it be any easier to apply from Perth end .Thanks so much