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  1. PingPongPossibly

    Looking for School Recommendations

    JenMet did you already have an address when you looked for schools? Or did you find a school you liked and then try and move to the catchment area? We are planning on moving to Duncraig early next year and will have one child in year 1 and one in Kindy. Lostwithout - the websites I have been looking at for school information are www.myschool.edu.au (this has NAPLAN results) and www.bettereducatuion.com.au
  2. PingPongPossibly

    Perth Suburbs

    Thanks for your replies. Duncraig is one of the areas we really like the look of (from online research) so it's nice to hear good things about it.
  3. PingPongPossibly

    Perth Suburbs

    Hello. We are considering ping-ponging back to Australia and are looking at Suburbs NOR in Perth. Has anyone any experience of the area from Karringup up to Hillarys/Padbury? We have 2 primary school age children so information on schools in this area would also be really helpful. Also posted this on Poms in Oz but they suggested I try here too Thanks.