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  1. Which suburb are you living? Have you found any work yet? Is the plastering much different out there?
  2. Philm1712

    Reference letter

    Hi has anyone had to provide a reference letter of previous employment while applying for an 189visa? Any advice or templates would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi monks How long have you been in Perth?
  4. Philm1712


    Hi has anyone obtained an AQF lll in painting and decorating in the past year? If so which company did you use? Thanks
  5. Philm1712


    Hi can anyone recommend books or study tools to help with the IELTS test Thanks
  6. Philm1712

    Info would be appreciated

    Thank you for your help
  7. Philm1712

    Info would be appreciated

    Hi I am a painter and decorator, 37 years old with over 15 years experience but no official qualifications. None of my family have any health issues and not sure if this is relevant but all my partners family already live in Perth.
  8. Hi Was your husband Plastering before he gained his qualifications? Thanks
  9. Philm1712

    Info would be appreciated

    Hi we are seriously considering the big move to Perth. We hope to succeed via the skills select list. Can anyone point us in the right direction recommending agents, shipping companies etc. Are the any links for costs, living, rental costs etc. Any advice of mortgage,land buying. We are a family of 4 and I am a painter and decorator as well as a plasterer. Any info would be much appreciated Thanks in advance