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    Completing Form 40CH (child visa) help!

    HI Phil, Not really , he was born in India , after we got the PR. Tx
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    Completing Form 40CH (child visa) help!

    Hi @elaineh33 I am an Australian PR and so is my wife. My son was born after we got PR so I am applying for his PR now. My Wife and kid is not in Australia, whereas I am. My wife is working and so am I. I recently shifted , so have only 1 or 2 Australian Payslips to show( though my job is permanent). With above background I have some Queries which i faced while filling form 40ch. Q.6. - ( asks about my Date of Arrival) . This time I have arrived just 2 weeks back , however earlier I had come to search job and had stayed for 8 weeks and prior to that last year we had come and had stayed for 2 weeks with my wife here in Australia.What date of arrival should I mention here? Q.20 :- My Address - My address on bank account/Centrelink is the place where i stayed last time. This time I am staying in a different accommodation.( Though other accommodation is my friend's so I can receive any mails) Which address should i Give? Q.31 - My Parents receive pension in native country , they are not dependent on me. Is there any specific criterion to declare them as dependent or independent? Q.42 - My Wife is in India , she had come earlier for first entry last year. She will come once my son gets PR - what date of entry should i give? Q.43-"Is your partner’s current residential address different to the address you have stated at Question 20?" My answer is "Yes- Once we have our Son's PR( which we are applying via this application) , my wife and my daughter( who already have PR) will come to live with me in Australia." - Any comments? Q.48. "If you are normally dependent on your partner’s income, give details of your partner’s employment history for the last 2 years" - My wife is earning in India and I can show her income in INR - but how is it typically construed? Q.50 I already declared about my child in Q.31 , do I need to declare again in Q.50? Q.54-59 -Presently I am living in a shared apartment at an address different than the one which I was living in - when I had acquired Bank account center link etc) I just have 1 Bed room in a 4 bed room house. and I plan to move to a bigger house - when my family comes. in Q.54 to 59 - if I fill above - will that e construed negatively ? Q.57 - I am not sharing room with any one - still Do i need to declare details of house mates( I don't know them well , have just moved in) Q.60 - "Will the child you are sponsoring be living with you in the same dwelling?" My answer is " No, As I will move to a bigger Dwelling." - Any comments? Q.62 -"What accommodation do you propose for the child you are sponsoring?"- My answer - " It will be the same ( most probably a 3 BHK) to the one where I shall move, Once my family comes"- Any comments ? Thanks a lot in advance