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  1. Cazza


    Thanks for the advice guys. The visas that we have are unfortunately restricted to regional, low growth population areas. Halls Head? Bunbury? We have quite a few options within the designated postcodes so will have to have a really good luck around once we arrive. We have heard very mixed reports about Mandurah and this does worry us somewhat as we have children at very influential ages. Are there any other suitable places that you would recommend within the Peel Region? Thanks so much...... Caroline
  2. Cazza


    Thank you so much for those reassuring words, it's good to know that these feelings are all pretty normal......deep breathing it is! I really appreciate the schooling advice too, I thought as much but it's hard to get the right information from the other end of the world. We are looking to settle in Mandurah although this may change once we get there and start looking at the areas in more detail. The flights are now booked for the 12th November and I am just in the process of finding temporary accommodation through Airbnb. Do you think 3 weeks will be long enough? Also, our eldest child is 15 and not coping very well with the thought of this move. I feel so much guilt, people keep reassuring me that he will be fine once we are there..... does anybody have any experience of this sort of issue and if so how did things turn out? Many thanks again Caroline
  3. Cazza


    Hi guys. Hope you are all well. Just freaking out a bit and after some general advice again! We are moving out in November with 4 kids and I am wondering if that will give us enough time to get them all enrolled in schools before they break for the summer? Is it a pretty straight forward process?! Also..... accommodation. How long would you advice to book an AIRBNB for? Will it be hard to rent out there with only just entering the country? What sort of paperwork will they require as we obviously won't have any previous rental agreements or anything, would you recommend bringing mortgage statements from here, etc? Lastly..... is it perfectly normal to be absolutely terrified and have moments of thinking what the hell are we doing?1 It's all so very daunting, any advice on the above and any reassurance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Caroline