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  1. Manc Mike

    Perth situation info wanted Thanks

    Hi thanks very much for the replys I think you are both correct that maybe I need to get the qualifications in the UK and then apply for a permanent visa in oz that way seems like a more reasonable option the only problem being it would mean being in the UK for another 3 years maybe more and the thought of that isn't good tbh. I'm so fed up here im just trying to thibk of anyway to get back over to oz and a quick route I could have around £80/90k in 6 months when house I sold so would have more money but spending it wouldn't bother me as long as I knew we could stay as I'll happily earn the money again so it wouldn't matter to me. Oh well I'll have to keep thinking and see what time brings any other info from anyone would be much appreciated have fun over in Perth you lucky guys and trust me don't believe some of the gloom story's over read on here Perth is 10x the place of anywhere in the UK a country in my opinion going downhill at a rapid rate. Crime alone here is another level and there's many other things too but we don't need to get into that. Keep safe and have fun. Mike
  2. Manc Mike

    28 yo Male looking for drinking buddy

    Hi I'm not over yet but will be coming next year possibly on a student visa doing either carpentry or painting to a higher level. I lived innperyh for 2 years in 03/5 and had familythere but did find it hard to make friends. How is your situation there?"where do you live i was near Thornlie and kelmscott area etc and also what's the work situation like over there me and wife could work 20 hours a wk on student visa. feel like I've had enough of the UK and will.comw over there on any visa I can really appreciate and info and would gladly be a drinking buddy should o get over there next year fingers crossed.
  3. Manc Mike

    Perth situation info wanted Thanks

    Hi im 34 years old amd from Mamchester I previously lived in Perth in 2003/5 for 2 years and and now conoldering moving back with my wife and 2 year old son. I do French polishing self employed here which is similar to furniture finishing and painting and also joinery I don't have qualifications in FP but I do have a NVQ level 2 in carpentry mad joinery and am thinking possibly doing a student visa in a higher level in either joinery or painting I know this coat a little but we have enough savings around £50k to help along with being able to work 20 hours each I have some family and friends in Perth still but just wondering what the work situation is like there atm and if this seems like a good idea from me or a silly dream on really fed up in th UK and juat want to be b.s. k in oz is be living SOR as the rent is cheaper there around 3/350 a week for a 3 bedroom house and where my family are based. Any info will be helpful so please let me know what you think thanks again mike