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    newly qualified midwife- advise needed

    No unfortunately not, the internship is year 4 of the degree so will still be a student. i am registered with the NMBI (regulatory body in Ireland) as a student and will remain a student until the internship is completed.
  2. wearemoving

    newly qualified midwife- advise needed

    i suppose my question is with regards to registration with a period of supervision attached. there is alot of talk about uk midwives being diploma qualified but i cant get any specific answers about a bachelor degree in science( midwifery) and weather i would be expected to have the same period of supervision or notation on my registration. i am slightly worried about obtaining work as a new graduate, however my 4 year degree includes a 9months internship at the end of the program so i was hoping that may be i could use that as clinical experience? maybe not! i cant get an answer. however, it is a paid internship, but i still hold the title of 'student midwife'. thank you for your reply
  3. Hi all, i am so confused about registration with APHRA i was hoping somebody could tell me how exactly registration works. i will hold a bachelor degree in midwifery from August 2019 which is when i qualify (im from Ireland so not UK trained). i want to move pretty much straight away as my husband is already there. We are already PR. Aphra have been pretty useless with info and very generic with responses. has anybody been through this process recently, and have there been any issues getting employment or any restrictions put on registration.
  4. wearemoving

    Advice on Suburbs

    we are back home the past 4 years, we were on a 457 then, just got our PR in July last year so we can move back permanently.. bletchley park is a fabulous school.
  5. wearemoving

    Advice on Suburbs

    We lived in southern river for 2 years. had 3 kids in bletchley park primary school. fantastic school lovely area, we loved it. any questions fire away