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  1. BlackCountryPom

    Moving to WA

    I would suggest getting out of holiday mode before you make your decision, I was the same when I came back. WA currently has huge unemployment, the cost of living is high aswell. Not sure about your job situation for demand but the vast majority of WA is struggling if you read previous posts about making the move.
  2. BlackCountryPom

    are folks still emigrating ?

    I am a painter & decorator so thats bad news. Girlfriend works for an insurance broker
  3. BlackCountryPom

    are folks still emigrating ?

    Its a real shame as you have the climate and beaches. I guess you have to get out of holiday mode to realise the reality when considering moving. I have a friend who is Australian he returned to Fremantle and is struggling to get employment and when he does find a job it doesn't last long. I was suprised at how expensive things still are despite the recession. Is this Australia as a whole or just WA thats struggling?
  4. BlackCountryPom

    Perth employment rate

    Well judging by this i'm not going to be better off wage wise. Bearing in mind its average. Currently looking at a company who have there salary rising to $63K Do different cities pay more or less?
  5. BlackCountryPom

    Perth employment rate

    Not too sure how to work this out, and as you’ve been there a few years thought you’d might shed some light on it. This is the average painter tradesmen salary at $1k a week. How much tax would I pay on a $52k a year salary? As the current rates are $37,001 – $90,000 $3,572 plus 32.5c for each $1 over. With the tax rate set at 9.65 – 23.11%. Plus the 2% medicare. Also, any updates on current employment rates? WA was bottom last time I looked, and work was hard to come by. is this still the case? Would I be better off living and working in Sydney for example?
  6. BlackCountryPom

    Perth employment rate

    Thanks will keep in mind. I work to a high standard and have had praise off many companies. Also always on time and only miss days off work if i'm ill, do weekend works aswell if the money is right. Mostly do painting but are qualified in wallpapering but haven't done any since college as work hasn't required wallpaper hangers. Are you a painting contractor? Also I forgot to add in my last post, what does the painting assesment consist of? Adding to my last post aswell I qualified straight after leaving college which was ten years ago, may 2009 I qualified. Baring in mind its a long way to go before I attempt to move there, aiming for between age of 32 - 35
  7. BlackCountryPom

    Perth employment rate

    Thanks for the insight. It'll be a few years yet but always good to get an understanding
  8. BlackCountryPom

    Perth employment rate

    Hi all, newbie here. Have been to Australia twice last year and fell in love with the place. Spent alot of time in Perth & Fremantle which then poses the obvious thought of moving. Bit of background. . . I am male, currently 26 years old. Self employed painter & decorator from England. I have been a sole trader for 10 years currently have NVQ2 & diploma level 3. No criminal history . Have done the points system check and I score over 65pts. I just a have few questions about employment. What is the employment rate for WA for painters? I have read recently that there is a slump? I do alot of price work where I can earn £700 - £1000 a week on commercial buildings, where as my day work rate on construction sites is £15 an hour. Would this be possible in WA?  Also I can't seem to find it online but is there a skills assessment for Painters?  My girlfriend works as a claims handler for an insurance broker is there much work in this field and if so what are the wages like? She is also a qualified hairdresser.