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    Midwifery Jobs

    Thanks for the reply. That clarification is really helpful. Am I right in thinking that you can also get temporary visas without employer sponsorship (assuming you meet the criteria) and that this is similar, just costs more? Thanks also for the comment about relationship tensions! I was perhaps a little flippant in my opening post, my wife is just considerably more attached to her family in the UK than I am, other than that she's quite open to exploring the possibilities. We're just realistic about the possibility that, even if we love in in Aus, the family distance might be a deal breaker and we might want to go back after a year! Alternatively we might love it and stay forever! Any thoughts on the pro's/cons of applying for PR or Temporary Visa? Alex
  2. alex.d.clark

    Midwifery Jobs

    Hi One and all I'm brand new to this community having found it recommended in an online guide. I am Alex, Chief Executive of a small charity in Kent. My wife Anna is a Midwife. We have 2 little ones, a son (3) and daughter (1). I have always wanted to live abroad and have loved visiting Australia in the past. Anna is a little less keen, but I'm working on that . I'm conscious that if we were to move, we'd stand the best chance of doing so through Anna's job. Does anyone have experience of moving as a midwife/nurse? Should you look for and apply for jobs in advance in hope of sponsorship? Or look into a visa before job hunting on arrival? If we do come, we're considering a trial period (renting our house out in the UK and giving it a year, maybe 2 before definitely committing). Again, does anyone have any experience or advice around this? Is it easier/better to take the full plunge or is it feasible to get a short term visa/job and keeping your get out clause in case it's not what we dream it could be, or the distance from family is all just too much! I know that's a lot of questions, but any thoughts would be gratefully received. Alex