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    Ok great thank you! X
  2. Hi there! I’m Jessica, an aesthetics nurse from Sunderland England, with a background of Emergency Nursing, Im new to this whole forum thing, I’m in the process of emigrating to Perth, currently here for a short stay to finalise my nursing registration , still awaiting Visa, just wanting to try and meet some new friends really! Who are wanting to socialise, out for coffee, cocktails, beach days, anything at all really. Moving over here solo is quite overwhelming, some people say I’m crazy others say I’m brave! It’s a challenge for sure. and I’m also wanting to bring my business to Perth, I’m an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner specialising in Dermal fillers, Botox, facial augmentation & Profhilo treatment. I’m wanting to eventually open my business over here full time, just needing my foot in the door with new clients! My business page is Aesthetics By Jessica, I come with 4 years experience & knowledge, and a great following & recommendations! If any of you know anyone wanting any treatments I’m fully insured etc. ill look forward to any replies have a great day everyone