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  1. Hi there, I have completed a working holiday (417 visa) under my UK passport. In my time there I did not complete the 3 months of regional farm work which is normally required for a second visa. However, I now have an Irish passport. Would it be possible to apply for a "First" working holiday visa again, but this time using the new Irish passport rather than the old UK one? Kind Regards, Aaron Lavery
  2. I told my migration agent that I’ve already supplied my UK passport for the skills assessment. He said “I would prefer that there was consistency in the documents used and referred to for Skills Assessment, Expression of Interest, and visa application, in case it provokes queries and delays.”
  3. Do they just base it purely on points then?
  4. Hi there, I am from Northern Ireland. Due to the good Friday agreement I can apply for either a UK or Irish passport. I am thinking of applying for migration to Australia. I have been there before on a working holiday visa. I used my UK visa which is about to expire. I have never actually had an Irish passport before, but everyone else in my family have Irish Passports. In addition to that with Brexit and all that going on at the moment I am thinking of applying for an Irish passport as it may be better for travel around Europe (less queuing at airports, access to European health care etc) however my feeling is that the Australian migration people may slightly favour a UK applicant over an Irish applicant. I presume a slight positive bias towards the British rightly or wrongly. This could mean faster processing times, a smoother application process, more likely to be accepted and potentially other things. I base this on the naturally closer cultural similarities between the Aussies and the English (e.g. Love for Cricket, the Queen, Union Jack in flag, Cockney accent, Conservative government backing Brexit etc) and also the slight disdain for the Irish which I encountered over there, particularly when the Irish had a reputation for getting drunk, wrecking the place and working in low skilled jobs. Which passport do you think you would use to apply for a long term Australian visa? If you could choose between either British or Irish? My gut feeling (whether I am being technically or politically correct or not) is saying stick with the British passport. What do you guys think? Appreciate your thoughts, Aaron
  5. Aaron

    190 Visa Processing Times

    Thank you for the message of positivity mate. I think you have the right idea. When I eventually get to Oz I will buy you a beer!
  6. Aaron

    190 Visa Processing Times

    https://www.propertypal.com/51-117-lisburn-road-belfast/563474/photo-16 It is called at £125k but I got it for £118k. So worst case scenario I could at least make a few grand on it.
  7. Aaron

    190 Visa Processing Times

    I can get a lettings agent to take care of it while I am away. If worst case scenario I need to sell it I will. This apartment is in a desirable area.
  8. Hi there so I googled the above and I got the following result: 75% of applications are processed within 9 months 90% of applications are processed with 12 months I have looked at the timeline checker which doesn't seem to list past applications only current applications? Was wondering if anyone can tell me how long it took them to get their visa approved? was it over a year? I am thinking of investing in a property and living in it until my visa application is processed. If accepted I will start looking for work in Perth. If I then find a good job in Perth which works for me, I will rent the UK property out to tenants. Otherwise I will stay in the property. I'm all for this plan although saving for the Visa and Migration itself will be tough. I may need to use a credit card for the initial stages of migration (if it comes to pass). I feel like it will take around 9-12 months before I know where I stand. I desperately need to move out of my parents house and renting just seems like a bad idea because I have the money to buy.
  9. Aaron

    Skills Assessment done. What next?

    I have got I touch with a MARA registered migration agent because he is busy moving house at the moment he has given me the following guidance informally and free of charge which was very nice of him. Hello Aaron, I have read what you’ve sent to me and if you want to live and work in Perth I think you want to apply for visa Subclass 190. This is a permanent visa and is available to somebody doing the job you do. It is points based. You get points for your age, how long you have been doing the work you do, your English language ability, etc. As you are from Northern Ireland I am assuming you have either one of or perhaps both a United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland passport. Either of these can be used to show that you are competent in English, but really you want as many points as you can get. To get more points you can do an English language test to show you have what is called “Superior English”. To get these points you need to do either an IELTS (International English Language Testing System), or an (OET) Occupational English Test, or a PTE (Pearson Test of English) test. IELTS and PTE are available in Belfast, as at the following links: https://admissiontestportal.com/en/ielts/the-united-kingdom/northern-ireland/belfast/ https://pearsonpte.com/uk/ I have no connection with these bodies and cannot make a recommendation whether you should choose either. You could make enquiries with both of them (or another IELTS or PTE provider) for an English language test as part of a visa application for Australia. Once you have your English test results, you will lodge what is called an “Expression of Interest”. This is the first stage of the application process for the Subclass 190 visa. This is where you’re saying that you want to be “invited” to apply for the visa. You can’t apply for this visa unless you’re “invited”. Your feedback from the Australian Computer Society for your skills assessment, together with your English test results, will be submitted for the “Expression of Interest”. There is no fee for lodging an “Expression of Interest”. It is done online. If your “Expression of Interest” is approved, you will then be “invited” to apply for your visa. To be able to apply for this visa you will need to be “invited” to do so by a specific State or Territory to do so. If you want to live and work in Perth, you will need Western Australia to invite you. When you’re submitting your “Expression of Interest” application you will have a chance to confirm which States or Territories you hope will invite you. In the meantime, while you’re waiting for your English test to be schedule, make sure you have all your educational and professional documents available and up-to-date (degree parchments etc). When submitting your “Expression of Interest” you will need to confirm all your qualifications. You will also need your full employment history for the past ten years (position title, employer name and address, dates of employment). Also, make sure your passport(s) is (are) still current. You will need to submit all of these things as part of your “Expression of Interest”. I hope that is of some help. Regards,
  10. Aaron

    Skills Assessment done. What next?

    Hi guys! Thank you so much for all the responses. Just a quick question. How much should I pay for a registered migration agent? Could anyone recommend one in the UK that is good value and service? I’m just weary of getting ripped off. Cheers! Aaron
  11. Aaron

    Skills Assessment done. What next?

    Hi very stormy thank you for your response! Yes good news is I have found a local migration agent who has agreed to point me in the right direction free of charge! The reason being he’s busy moving house at the moment and so currently has no office. He’s the only registered migration agent in Belfast. This was quite a surprise to me to be honest! Not sure if there are other ones in Northern Ireland. No I haven’t done the English language test yet. Is this something I ought to study for if English is my first language? I presume I’ll get maximum points since I’m reasonably well educated.
  12. Hi Guys, I have got my skills assessment done by the Australian computer society. They have issued me a result letter that says I have almost 10 years of IT experience for the purposes of migrating as a Test Engineer. What is the next step? Should I get a migration agent, or is it just as easy to do it myself? Appreciate your responses. Thanks. Aaron
  13. I suppose it begs the question, is it ultimately worth it?
  14. Hi guys, Let me tell you my story. I have already worked in Australia for a year on a working holiday visa. I came back to the UK 6 years ago and have been working regularly for the past 5 years at a large tech firm here in the UK. I applied for a skills assessment through the Australian Computer Society (ACS). I could not believe how fussy and pedantic they have been with regard to the format of the reference letters. I paid £300 to have the employers references assessed. They advised me that every letter needs to be certified. I went back to all my previous employers and asked them to certify the letters. The ACS then came back saying it cannot be certified by the company itself. So I got my mate Jeff who just happens to be a chartered structural engineer to certify the letters. Now there were about 10 letters and he is a busy man so instead of getting him to write all the speel out, I put together a "Stamp" which was just a piece of paper with everything printed on it and it included his signature. I scanned each letter with stamp carefully placed so that it would be readable on the letter. I submitted all 10 of them to the ACS. They wouldn't accept that either. So I went back to my mate and got him to write everything out again. He was happy enough to do this but it took him about an hour to do. I submitted all the letters to the ACS. They then came back to me saying that one of the letters (which just so happens to be the company I have been at the longest and also my current employer where I have been 5 years) lacks sufficient detail. It did not include information on my roles and duties. So I went back to my company and asked them to re-do the letter. My company then re-iterated what it said in the letter that they could not give out certain information due to company data protection policy. I then phoned the ACS at midnight my time and hoped that someone on the other end would be human enough to empathise with my situation. Instead of being helpful they were rude and the girl actually cut me off in mid speech and said "what is your actual question? " she insisted that not only could they not accept the reference letter, but if I was to somehow get my company to re-do the reference letter this time with all the required detail, that I would still have to pay a further £200 to get the application re-assessed! I have managed to get my company to redo the letter and I have paid the additional £200 to have the application re-assesed. It would not suprise me if these idiots at the ACS come back with some other BS excuse for not being able to process my skills assessment. My understanding is that I need to get this done through the ACS if I work in IT and it is needed for the department of home affairs to calculate how many points I have. I have found my interaction with the ACS to be a bit like the computer says no sketch in the tv show little Britain. See link here for a funny clip. This kinda puts me off Australia in general. It makes me wonder if I really want to live in a country where people are so far stuck up their own arses that they cannot compromise on the money thing or indeed show even the slightest bit of empathy. I found Aussies were mostly rude and up themselves apart from a few people I have kept in touch with. So part of me is wondering why I want to apply for a visa there apart from the great weather, good money and attractive lifestyle. I guess you've got to take the rough with the smooth. I reckon when I am out there I will not this time go out of my way to be too friendly with the Aussies, because I have in my experience found them to be fake friendly at best! Their immigration system stinks of arrogance and I hope the people aren't all like that. It has been 6 years since I left so I can't remember everything although I do remember some people were so far up their own arses it was difficult to maintain a conversation with them! JUST WANTED TO GET THAT OFF MY CHEST! Enjoy the video below, Aaron.