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  1. LaurenS

    Residency vs working visa, suburbs, teaching and GP

    Thanks Ali you have been incredibly helpful I will keep you updated
  2. LaurenS

    Residency vs working visa, suburbs, teaching and GP

    Hi Ali, Thank you for your response it has been extremely helpful! While we have young children I am happy to teach agency I would do over here if we could afford the risk of me not getting work and live off Toms wages but we can’t. We are both professionals and are happy to work hard and relatively long hours at the moment Tom works around 55 hours then spends every night and every minute he can at the weekend working from home. It may be that he works full time initially then potentially reduces down or it might be that working full time as a GP in Oz doesn’t mean so much work at home - just to have time at a weekend as a family without him getting up extra early to work, worrying when we do have a family day that he should be doing work. I think one of the key things for him as well is lifestyle, I appreciate that when you have young children they and work take up all of your time but I think just being able to get outdoors more would help him. We we have a lot to talk about, as mentioned I’m not sure Australia is the answer, it just seems our work life balance here is not sustainable. It would be very difficult for him to leave medicine as he is highly qualified in it not qualified in anything else and it would mean a large pay cut. Do do you have any idea why the GP turnover is so high? I think really we need to talk to some GP practices in Perth and get more detail on the work, hours and pay but I’m not quite sure how to go about that. Car wise I think once we’ve sold our house we would be able to use some of the money to buy car, though we do want to keep a pot in a UK bank account for if we decide to come back. Again thank you for your reply it was really helpful. I have contacted an emigration soliciter today and she is going to look into residency for us. Kind Regards Lauren
  3. LaurenS

    Residency vs working visa, suburbs, teaching and GP

    Thank you for your advice. Clearly we are at the very start of our journey! We are not thinking of moving from a terrace to a mansion we currently own a 5 bed new build house and actually would be happy to down size. The key key issue for us is my husbands job. He works generally 8-8:30 then brings large amounts of work home with him which is fine he earns a decent wage it’s more the atmosphere of the NHS. Many of his colleagues are off for mental health reasons the NHS is just under so much pressure it’s at breaking point and there are no private jobs over here. It just seems to be unsustainable long term for him to work continuously under so much pressure without it having an impact on his health. He has numerous colleagues that have emigrated and are having a better work life balance. I don’t know if anyone on here has experience of healthcare work? best Lauren
  4. LaurenS

    Residency vs working visa, suburbs, teaching and GP

    Thank you for your reply. I was thinking 10-15 thousand but I’m interested in how much a residential visa is compared to a working visa. Do you know how much it is to lease and run a car in Perth I’ve tried to research online but there’s only so much you can find. Ive found these figures let me know if I’m out. I probably am it’s difficult to estimate. Per month $2600 rent $40 water $50 electric $40 gas $150 health insurance $34 house insurance $100 internet and phone $1200 food $1500 cars $1080 childcare (3 days) Total $6794 a month thank you Lauren
  5. Hi everyone! My hubby and I are thinking of making the move with our 1 year old. My husband is a gp and I am a special needs teacher so both of our jobs are on the skills list. Overall the aim Is that we are hoping that we will be able to afford a nice lifestyle I.e nice house, 2 cars, holidays but both work part time. Currently I work part time due to childcare costs hubby works full time and is ridiculously stressed all the time. Lots of people in his work place are having breaks downs and he doesn’t get to spend much time with our baby. We have a nice house but that’s where all our money goes we can’t afford holidays and we do have two cars but considering how hard he has worked for the past 12 years they are nothing particularly nice. Basically we feel we are not getting out anywhere near what we put in in the UK and would like to have more time as a family and a decent standard or living. We feel like we are just keeping our heads above water over here. we are currently debating working visa or residency. Residency pros: security we can rent rather than live with friends not limited to 6 month jobs may get permanent jobs and I could then work until I was entitled to maternity leave as we are planning another baby at some point in the future residency cons how much will it cost? - I think it’s a lot of money when it may not work out and we may return after 6 month/a year currently most of our money is tied up in our house in the UK which we are planning to sell but if we needed the funds from the sale we may have to move into rented. There may be ways round this lending the money from family until the house sale goes through but it does involve more risk. Does anybody have any experience/thoughts or advice? If anyone has got PR recently how much did it cost? Also so has anyone done or planning to do agency teaching? What’s they pay like how is it? Has as anyone been employed as a GP or done locum work? Finally sorry i know so many many different things in one thread! Our friends currently live in Freo and love it in terms of the social side as they have found it easy to make friends. By the time we move over they will be in their house in the hills in Bushmead. I think one of the key things that will help is settle is finding somewhere we feel we belong and making friends. We are coming out to scope things out so will obviously narrow it down then. I’m in two minds at the moment if we would be better getting an apartment in Freo that way we can make friends and pay around $400 a week so we can save a bit of money then move into the hills or wherever when we are more settled. Or move straight to a family home near our friends in the hills - which may be better for family life but is it as social? any advice would be greatly appreciated! Best Lauren
  6. LaurenS

    Advice on Suburbs

    Hi, Sorry no advice we are thinking of moving out in the next couple of years. We currently have a 1 year old and would likely have another baby in the first few years of moving. I’m a teacher and my hubby is a doctor - how about you guys? We are just starting the research process. We have a few friends who have moved to Perth in last few years but none of them have children so we have different requirements and more need for security. Any advice or places to look for research childcare advice visa advice anything at all would be really helpful! Thank you Lauren x
  7. Hi, We are thinking of moving to Perth and I think one of the main factors that will help our transition is moving to a neighbourhood that suits us and we can feel we belong in. We have friends in Swan Valley so wouldn’t want to be too far from them. We have a baby and would have a decent income with my husband being a doctor and me a teacher but ideally we are both hoping to work part time so don’t want to spend mega bucks. We would need somewhere with childcare and schools schools but also somewhere we can easily make friends. We like the Fremantle atmosphere but are looking for that kind of thing but more family friendly. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks for for your help! lauren