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  1. 13 minutes ago, pegg said:

    from one paediatric nurse to another ..... Hi 

    Hi! How strange, lovely to hear from you. How far are you Into the process or are you already there? 

  2. HI! Just wanted to introduce myself to everyone (been lurking for a good 12 months)🤣

    I am a paediatric nurse from the UK hoping to make the big move late next summer with my husband and 7 year old son (189 visa). Really early stages so far, just booked my PTE test for May and gathering all my documents for skills assessment. We have been looking at going to Padbury first to see if we like it there. 

    Looking forward to sharing our journey with you all, would love to hear from anyone hoping to go similar time as us!

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  3. On 10/04/2019 at 14:06, Slawka said:

    After few years we finally heading to Perth 🙂

    House is sold, fly tickets booked, temporary accommodation booked, shipping company booked.

    Crazy time 🙃 our last few weeks in the UK are very intense, very emotional, however we look ahead and can't wait to settle.

    I've tried to organise school but unfortunately I need proof of address in catchment area. Renting house remotely is not easy as well so it looks like we will be very busy after arrival.



    Ah excited for you!! We are hoping for the big move next year, what suburb are you going to? Good luck with everything

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