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  1. Thanks Ali, it's good to have choices at least. Will contact uni's this week.
  2. Hi, Sorry it took so long to respond. I had some delay getting a transcript from my UK Uni, however all good now. My qualifications have been assessed by the Overseas Qualifications Unit, and have been identified as: • The Certificate in Education (Further and Adult) is assessed as comparable to the educational level of an Australian Graduate Diploma. • The Level 3 – Assessing candidates using a range of methods is assessed as comparable to the educational level of an Australian Certificate IV. I'm currently working as an Education Assistant at a high school, so am considering contacting the Teacher Registration Board to see if i can use this Diploma towards a teaching degree. It's fantastic to have had your advice and I'm so grateful. I had spoken to many Uni's who would only advise enrolling to a Teaching degree first then after I'd completed 2 units, they would consider previous qualifications. Have a fantastic weekend Sharon Goodchild
  3. Thanks so much, will give that a shot!
  4. Hi all, I've been in Perth for 10 years and as yet have been unable to find out what my qualifications for Certificate of Education, and NVQ Assessing is the equivalent (further and adult) to over here. I've spoken to numerous uni's here and they all tell me to enroll in a teaching course, and after I've completed the initial units they will tell me if I can be credited. Has anyone done this or knows what my quals are recognised as here? Thanks in advance