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    Hi all, I just wanted to gain some feedback for a new concept that we are looking at starting up next month. Me and my partner moved to Perth back in 2010. We have since been through the sponsorship programe through to PR and eventually Citizenship. We are now fully settled in Perth with one toddler and one on the way. We are looking at starting up a small business that will help people back in the UK make the move to Perth. It can be a stressful time making or even considering the move. We would look to offer several service levels covering a range of offers. Most will include such things as flight advice, location advice, initial location bookings, property reviews, airport pick up, and a tour of Perth and your new local suburb. We would also offer help with setting up accounts, visas, social clubs and schools to name a few. Costs will vary depending on the package you choose but will all be very reasonable. I would love to hear your thoughts especially from some of you guys back in the UK who are currently contemplating the move. Is this something you think would help you with your move/decision? Please leave your comments or send me a PM if you prefer. Many thanks.