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  1. JessicaDarcey

    Recommendations for a shipping company

    I will recommend "PSS" - found to be the best one!
  2. JessicaDarcey

    House Insurance recommendations

    Try with these: GoCompare and uSwitch.
  3. JessicaDarcey

    Accountant Recommendation for Tax Returns

    Bdh Tax and Nexia! I can see good reviews for these two!
  4. JessicaDarcey

    Recommendations please for solar company

    Solar Force is it ? I'll keep that in mind then.
  5. JessicaDarcey

    Vetassess Plumbing

    Your partner would have finished it by now. How did it go ?
  6. JessicaDarcey

    Plumbers beware

    Why does one need a degree to run a business ? It's not like everyone with a degree know how to run one. You know what, I get why you are frustrated and you have all the right to be too..