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  1. Hello guys. Im really in need of consulting regarding migrating. My wife and I are from singapore. We have consult an agent and he said agent fees is about 9-12k and 8k for third party services like medical checkup, criminical check etc. the whole cost will go about 18-20k SGD. As this is a huge amount for us, I am really worried that even though if we went to apply for work under ACWA, theres a small chance according to the agent we might not get it. But still im worried about that small chance as 20k is a large amount for us. The agent is reputable but our concern is the finance. Im wondering does anyone have experience with agent fees or did anyone apply it for themselves? any advice towards migrating would be a great relief and help.
  2. Hi everyone! My name is Sathya From Singapore. My wife and I have been to Perth for vacation and we absolutely love alot of things about it. Like how most shops closed by 5pm compared to Singapore as this means there is work-life balance. Which is something I would really want! I have been reading alot but it seems almost impossible to apply for PR due to my work experience as I do not qualify for any skills but willing to take up if any. Im more of a hands on and dont like rigid 9-5 office jobs. However, my wife is a social worker with two degrees in Early Childhood and Psychology. She also has Grad Dip in Social Work. We were hoping that maybe my wife can apply as a skilled worker and bring me over. I would like to ask for my wife and I to apply for PR, what can we do in our situation to migrate? My wife is 30years old this year and im 29. Any advice would be appreciated much! Please let me know if you need more infromation. Much thanks in advance!