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  1. Amy_B

    New to Perth... looking to make friends! :)

    Hi Lynsey, Thanks for the message. Are you here alone? Where in Perth are you situated? Unsure if there is the capability to message privately on here, but if you’re on any social networking sites such as Facebook and want to connect, to meet up sometime, let me know
  2. Hi there! I have just recently relocated to Perth from the UK. I live with my partner (who is an Aussie), so not entirely alone, but I’d like to meet my own network of friends as I am used to working in the city and having a relatively good social life. I’m a 29 year old female - laid back and easy to get along with. I’m talkative, so we shouldn’t struggle for conversation! I enjoy the typical social activities - dining out, drinks, theatre, gigs/concerts and fitness activities - strength training, gym classes and outdoor walking. If you have similar interests, please do get in touch